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At Psychedelic School we believe every person has the right to explore their consciousness.

We also believe every person has the responsibility to educate themselves prior to partaking with powerful, expansive psychedelic experiences, or when wanting to support people who use psychedelics.

Our mission purpose is to provide accurate, unbiased and enriching information about psychedelic drugs, the psychedelic experience and the myriad of ways they can impact the life of the individual, their communities and society; and to empower people to make informed decisions that are rooted in safety, transformative healing and well-being.

It is our intention that through our courses you will:

  • Obtain an in-depth understanding of the many ways psychedelics can impact users biologically, psychologically, physically, spiritually, environmentally, and socially
  • Use this information to minimize psychological and physical risks and increase your safety, self-agency and due diligence when approaching psychedelic experiences
  • Maximize benefits from psychedelic experiences, skillfully integrate precious insights into your life and sustain them indefinitely
  • Amplify your healing, clarify your life purpose, live your truth and be of service to others. And... HAVE FUN!